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Heal & Glow Facial Oil  2oz.

Intense hydration for softer and smoother skin overnight. Our Heal & Glow Facial serum provides nutrients to instantly take your skin to a new level of soft & smooth:
✓ softens & hydrates damaged, dry skin
✓ brightens dull skin
✓ renews skin cells & clears scars
✓ for a healthy, glowing complexion

Rejuvenate your skin & wake up each morning with a glowing complexion through deep overnight moisturization. Moringa, also called the miracle tree, is one of the most nutritious plants on the planet. Our organic, cold pressed, pure moringa oil provides:
Vitamin A: renews skin cells for youthful skin
Vitamin B1: antioxidant that increases circulation for healthy, glowing skin
Vitamin B2: clears dark spots, scars, redness and pigmentation
Vitamin B3: heals skin conditions like rosacea, acne and eczema
Vitamin B6: calms inflammation and clears acne flare ups
Fatty acids: building block of skin cells that strengthens the skin’s protective barrier

Directions: Apply a generous layer to freshly cleansed & damp skin every night. Apply a thin layer onto freshly cleansed skin each morning & allow the serum to absorb before applying makeup.

Ingredients: organic cold pressed extra virgin moringa oil, organic geranium essential oil

Packaging: 2 oz glass amber bottle with dropper cap. Product instructions and ingredients are listed on the label. No box or other packaging provided to reduce waste.



Heal & Glow Facial Oil 2oz.

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